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iGrundpreis determines the base price (price by quantity) of products. In the wake of new EU legislation easy price comparing is becoming increasingly difficult. Due to new packaging laws (even odd quantities are now allowed) and often difficult to recognize or even completely missing base pricing tags, manufacturers and retailers try to sell you less product for the same money.

With iGrundpreis you just type in price, amount and optional name and unit, and iGrundpreis shows the base price (adjustable in 10th powers of 1 amount). E.g. you type in 'washing powder #1', '2,29', '1,5', 'kg' and you get the price for 1kg of washing powder.

The list allows to save the data and enables you to easily keep an eye on the different prices for quick comparison

iGrundpreis 1 iGrundpreis 2 iGrundpreis 3 iGrundpreis 4